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Re: music notation software for Linux

	Subject: music notation software for Linux
	Date: Wed, Jul 21, 1999 at 05:04:03PM -0500

In reply to:Benjamin E Frame

Quoting Benjamin E Frame(Benjamin.E.Frame@Cummins.com):
> Does anyone know of any decen music notation software for Linux???  I'm
> looking for something with a good GUI and that is easy to learn.  Any
> suggestions are appreciated!!!
> Ben

Well not being very musical, I can only offer this.  xcircuit.
Yea I know, it doesn't sound musical but the guy who wrote it
is.  The package is in slink.  Here is the web page to check it out

Here is a clip from the readme

   The files psfiles/signal.lps and psfiles/musiclib.lps are examples
of alternate or additional object libraries.  The library file lgf.lps
is used primarily by the lgf-to-ps conversion routines, but has some
different circuit objects in it.

As I recall he even has an example sheet of music in the examples


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