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Defining Virtual Ethernet Interfaces

I have a problem with adding a virtual interface to the ethernet card.

I have put an IFCONFIG command in /etc/init.d/network for the virtual interface:

		ifconfig eth0:1 inet netmask

These are the messages that are logged during startup:

		Jul 18 21:53:45 dns2 kernel: eth0: RealTek RTL8139 at
		 0xf600, IRQ 11, 00:00:b4:bd:cd:5c.
		Jul 18 21:53:45 dns2 kernel: net_alias_dev_create(eth0:1):
		unregistered family==2

The virtual interface does not until I manually execute /etc/init.d/network when the interface is added.

I either have the virtual specifications in the wrong place or there is a timing problem.

Some guidance will be appreciated.


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