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Re: CD-RW woes. Again.

Ok, try this:

ide-cd = module
ide-scsi = module
scsi-generic = kernel
scsi-cdrom = kernel

This is from memory...

Now, whichever module (ide-cd or ide-scsi) gets loaded
first will attempt to control *both* drives.

so in you lilo.conf file, add:
 append="ide-cd=/dev/hdc ide-scsi=/dev/hdd"

and in your modules.conf:
 options ide-cd ignore=/dev/hdd
 options ide-scsi ignore=/dev/hdc 

which tells the modules to ignore the other drive.

THIS IS ALL FROM MEMORY.  I'm not at my linux box right now.
If it doesn't work let me know, and I'll write down my setup
(which is the same as what you're trying to do) and send it to you.


Alisdair McDiarmid wrote:
> I've been fiddling with my kernel configuration and I've tried
> every combination I can think of, and still I can't recreate my
> previous setup (before I `rm -rf /var/cache/ *'d my way into a
> blank hard disk).
> What I want is for /dev/hdc to remain an ATAPI controlled CD-ROM
> drive - so that cdparanoia and cdplay work on it - and for
> /dev/hdd (HP8100i CD-RW) to become /dev/scd0 or something and be
> accessible through ide-scsi.
> Currently, I've got all the IDE block drivers (disk, CDROM and
> floppy), all the relevant SCSI drivers and the ide-scsi emulation
> layer compiled straight into the kernel, and no matter what, the
> kernel refuses to use ide-scsi for /dev/hdd. If I make the IDE
> CDROM driver a module, the ide-scsi driver takes over and both
> CDROM drives are only accessible as ide-scsi (not what I want).
> My lilo configuration has an `append="/dev/hdd=ide-scsi"' line (it
> has been "/dev/hdd=none" and this makes no difference) and this
> previously made everything work. Yes, I have tried typing the line
> in at boot up.
> I've tried to fix this myself for the last couple of weeks, and
> I'm on the verge of giving up. Has anyone any idea how to get it
> working? I swear if it works this time I'll write it down and
> stick it on my wall.
> TIA,
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> alisdair mcdiarmid               alisdair@letdown.demon.co.uk
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