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Exim vs. Win95

I've just reloaded my gateway machine with Debian 2.1. It was formerly
Debian 1.3, so the MTA has changed from smail to exim. Exim refuses to
accept mail from a Windows 95 system connected to the gateway.

There are two Windows 95 systems connected to the gateway. System 1 can
send mail with no problem; System 2 can't. Both systems are configured
identically as far as I can tell. Both could send mail before the

There's no mention of either system in the gateway's /etc/exim.conf.
It's possible that bind isn't set up right, but it is at least set up
to treat each of the two systems the same way.  Something's apparently
different somewhere, though.

System 2 can receive mail that has arrived at the gateway using POP
with no problem.

When System 2 attempts to send mail, the bounce message on System
2 says, "No transport provider was available for delivery to this

The message in exim's rejectlog on the gateway says (lightly edited):

1999-07-13 21:37:05 unqualified sender rejected: <username> \
H=system2.sadt.com (system2.sadt.com.1.168.192.in-addr.arpa) []

The ...in-addr.arpa business looks fishy, but mail accepted from System
1 causes a similar-looking mainlog entry:

1999-07-13 21:29:34 114Dra-0003WK-00 <= dstrayer@sadt.com H=system1.sadt.com \
(system1.sadt.com.1.168.192.in-addr.arpa) [] P=smtp S=675 \

What is exim trying to tell me?

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