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RE: Parallel-port CD-ROM install trouble

Did you install the parallel port drivers in the kernel?  I think the option
is under block devices.  Depending on your drive, you may need SCSI
emulation and SCSI support enabled.  I have an external HP7200e CD-Writer
that connects to a parallel port and it works great.

The devices for the parallel port cdrom would be called /dev/pcd[0,1,2,3...]
If they don't exist, there is a script in one of the kernel document files
(paride? parport?) that'll create them correctly.

Good Luck,

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From:	Todd Last [mailto:Rubatoguy@mindspring.com]
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Subject:	Parallel-port CD-ROM install trouble

I'm trying to install Debian on my laptop with a Microsolutions 164700
model CD Rom.
This CD attaches to the laptop via the parallel port.

When I get to the part of the install that tries to load the kernel to
the hard disk, it can't find the CD-ROM

I understand that  I may have to add a driver for the CD-ROM, based on
info I found at : http:\\www.tourque.net
However, I don't know where to find the driver, or how to load it during

the install process.

Can anyone offer some help in terms of a step by step?

Heck, I even tried looking in the manual - to no avail.


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