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Re: Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 for x86 Installation Problem

You have a very in depth message, which is good.  Your problem is simple.
The rec1400.bin and other files are disk images.  You have to extract them
to a floppy disk using rawrite or rawrite2.  You'll just have to install
with those floppies because all disks but the rescue disk are in ext2
format, and windows can't read that to copy it to your partition.  The
disk installation doesn't take too long.


On Thu, 8 Jul 1999, Hendy Agung S. wrote:

> Hello Debian-User,
> I'm a new subscriber to this list and really new to Linux so forgive me
> regarding my stupid question and this long-enough e-mail.
> I've tried to install Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 on my P133.
> But the installation couldn't be completed because I'm experiencing the
> problem I described below.
> These are what I have :
> 	*	/dev/hda1 Win95 FAT32
> 	*	/dev/hda2 Linux Native
> 	*	/dev/hda4 Linux Swap
> 	*	Debian archives (resc1440.bin, drv1440.bin, base2_1.tgz,
> root.bin, linux, install.bat, loadlin.exe)
> 	are stored in my C:\temp\Debian
> And here are the Installation Processes I involved so far :
> 	*	No Setup failure until the following Steps :
> 	*	Initialize a Linux Partition
> 		*	I selected /dev/hda2 to be initialized as Linux
> "Ext2" filesystem.
> 		*	I mounted /dev/hda2 as the root filesystem ( " / " )
> 	*	Install Operating System Kernel and Modules
> 		*	I selected the medium I will use to install the
> system (that's my harddisk)
> 		*	I selected the partition where my Debian archives
> resides (/dev/hda1)
> 		*	I choosed the path inside the harddisk filesystem
> where the Debian archive resides
> 		by typing /temp/Debian
> 		*	I selected the directory containing a file
> resc1440.bin that will be used
> 			*	Automatic List
> 			Setup gives me /instmnt/temp/Debian,
> 			I verified it by hit Enter, then I got an Error
> Message :
> 			"Cannot read /floppy/type.txt : invalid argument"
> 			(in this failure the only thing I can do is hit
> "Ctrl-Alt-Del" to send SIGKILL to all process then reboot my PC)
> 			*	Choose Manualy
> 			Setup Message : The installation medium is mounted
> below
> 			and gives me /instmnt/temp/Debian
> 			as same as Automatic List, when I hit Enter I'll got
> the Error Message.
> 			If I edit the choise with /temp/Debian,
> 			I got the message 
> 			"File not found !
> 			(/temp/Debian does not contain the file resc1440.bin
> that is needed to install the Kernel
> 			and the Modules)
> 			(in this failure, I still can go back to the Install
> Operating System Kernel and Modules Menu)
> So, is there any clue to solve this problem?
> Thanks in advance
> Hendy
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