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Re: accessing the dos partition

I used to download the packages to local dos partition and install them from
there. I can recall that dos only allows 8 digits of packages names, which
caused the trouble for dselect to find right packages. You can try that.
But, I would like to buy a distribution cd if I were you. It saves a lot of
efforts downloading the packages.
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From: pplaw <pplaw@pcisys.net>
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Date: Wednesday, July 07, 1999 1:40 PM
Subject: accessing the dos partition

>hello debian community,
>i've installed the base system from the net.  however, i cannot
>access/mount the dos partition, which is where i've downloaded other
>packages.  (i've tried "dselect" and "apt-get".)
>...any suggestions.
>bentley taylor.
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