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Re: Unattended installation?

>> "Kristian" == Kristian Kvhntopp <kk@netuse.de> writes:

Kristian> I am searching for information on unattended installation of
Kristian> Linux distributions on Intel machines.

Kristian> I already have installation about how to do this with
Kristian> RedHat, but I am still looking on information how to do this
Kristian> with Debian and Suse Linux.

Currently, this is not possible for Debian. There have been some
proposals and also proof of concepts (see debian-admintool,
debian-devel and debian-policy mailing list archives), and some users
have either homebrew solutions or they do the standard
copy-a-master-hd-and change-the-hostname-etc. thing. 

Unintended installations are a big point on the todo list for Debian
(one hinderance is for example that some package currently need

Joey Hess (IIRC) is working fulltime at VA Linux Systems on a solution 
to this.

It is the often saw case of "we have the ideas, now we need someone to 
code it".


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