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debian-user split

I had this thought the other day when I was looking over some archived

deban-user stuff. Two thoughts actually. I know that there are an awful

lot of questions that crop up time and time again. These aren't directly

related to the Debian-FAQ but crop up enough that maybe there should be

something like a debian-user-FAQ, kinda like the Linux-FAQ but tailored

more towards Debian GNU/Linux.

    Secondly a while someone commented about the number of users new to

Linux and using debian as their first version (I think it was posted on

debian-devel in march sometime.) Anyway, the thought was was that maybe

there should be a new debian list, something like debian-newbie. That

way people would hopefully think about joining the newbiew list, moving

to the user list once they have a better understanding of debian GNU/Linux.

For instance, I was thinking that the sort of questions on debian-newbie

would be along the lines of; how do I compile a kernel? Why doesn't X work?

Does debian support my soundcard? HELP!

And debian-user could be used for questions like; my ip-masquerading appears

to be broken, I've tried ..., I've upgraded X to patato and now my systems

broken..., I'm looking for ...

You get the idea. If I'm being completely stupid here then please say so

nicely. I'm just throwing a thought I had to the group. Comments would

be most welcome.

        "This job's too hard for us!" -Andy and Randy Pig

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