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Re: User menu problem

On Mon, 5 Jul 1999, E.L. Meijer (Eric) wrote:

> > I have just installed StarOffice 5.1 in my Debian 2.1 system. I tried to
> > put an entry into the menu system (I use fvwm2 as a window manager). So I
> > created a file .menu/soffice in my home directory with the contents:
> > 
> > ?package(local.soffice):needs=x11 section=Apps/Editors title=StarOffice \
> >    command="~/Office51/bin/soffice"
> > 
> > and then I run update-menus command. Unfortunately there is no new entry
> > in the menu. What did I wrong? Thank you for any suggestions.

Did you run update-menus as root or as your user? As root, it only reads
the system-wide files. To use the .menu directory, you have to run it as
your user.

Also, why use ~ instead of /home/whoever?

> You also have to restart the window manager.

Maybe this depends on the window manager, but WindowMaker detects when the
menu has been updated. You get the new menu right away, without

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