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Re: dhcp and dual-homed filtering host

Marc Haber wrote:

> Hi!
> In a lab network, I have a dual homed Debian host that should act as a
> packet filter between the external ("untrusted") and the internal
> ("trusted") interface. The untrusted network is on eth0; the trusted
> network on eth1. The host should assign IP numbers on the trusted
> network via DHCP while not doing so on the untrusted network.
> The Package description for dhcp-1.0.2-0.1 says: "This package only
> supports DHCP IP assignment on one interface." So, this is fine with
> me.
> I proceed to install dhcp and created an /etc/dhcpd.conf with only a
> single subnet statement for the trusted network. When I try to start
> the dhcp daemon, I get the error message "No subnet declaration for
> eth0 (", the IP being the one of the external
> interface.
> When I add an empty subnet declaration ("subnet netmask
> {}") to /etc/dhcpd.conf, I get "The standard socket API
> can only support hosts with a single network interface", which is
> substantially different from the restriction the Package file
> mentions.
> Am I missing something? How can I get this dhcp into business?
> Greetings
> Marc

The problem is the version you are using wants to default to eth0 as the default device to give out answers to.

I have in the past just switched to a newer version (the beta) of dhcp or flip flop the nics

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