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Re: Kernel too big.

Kent West wrote:
> I checked the archives, but didn't find much on this.
> I've recompiled my kernel (using bzImage) to provide sound support, and
> now I'm getting a "vmlinuz is too big" message when I try to run lilo.
> My old kernel was 715260, and my new one is 749612. I've gone through
> "make config" and recompiled at least four times tonight, removing
> everything I thought I could live without, and I've changed everything
> to modules that could be changed to modules. Am I doing something wrong?
> Or have I really run into a size limitation? If the latter, does this
> not spell trouble for Linux, in that an average person with an average
> machine on an average LAN doing average things can't get all his average
> stuff into a kernel?
> Any suggestions would be welcome.
sounds like your trying to use the vmlinuz file from
/usr/src/linuxXXX/vmlinuz, you should be using the file
/usr/src/linuxXXX/arch/i386/boot/bzImage ;assuming an Intel machine.
John Foster
AdVance-Computing Systems
ICQ# 19460173

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