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Re: Email Config Questions

On 02-Jul-99 Mark Wagnon wrote:
> Didi Damian wrote:
>> The error that you got from sendmail might have been caused by not having
>> 'localhost' added to exim.conf on this line:
> It's in there. In fact it was in there twice, so I removed one.
> [snip]
>> I haven't messed with SMTP in inetd at all but I would restore the entry in
>> inetd.conf and fix the above line in exim.conf (in case it's not already
>> there)
>> and try again. From the error message it looks like fetchmail is configured
>> right
>> and the problem is with SMTP.
> I have one line in inetd.conf with smpt and exim in it this is it:
> smtp            stream  tcp     nowait  mail    /usr/sbin/exim exim -bs
> Is this all I need there?
> I'm running potato btw, if that matters. I just did an update/upgrade
> and a new exim was installed, but that didn't change things :(
> BTW, that strange error message seems to come from exim. I found a
> section in the exim.conf file that looks a lot like it.

If these errors just started after you upgraded Exim to 3.x, a fixed version
has been posted.  I went back to running Exim as a daemon after installing
this new version of Exim (3.02-3) and all is well now.

If you want to run Exim from inetd, you also need to uncomment the following:
# exit 0

in your /etc/init.d/exim

In addition to uncommenting the Exim line in /etc/inetd.conf

However, it seems to work when run as a daemon now.


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