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apt, Official slink CD-ROMs, and potato

I have a 2-CD "Official Debian GNU/Linux 2.1" set, LinuxMall edition; or just 
plain 'slink'.  I'd like to experiment with the 'potato' distribution (which 
has an improved SVGA X server needed with my video hardware), and then 
configure apt to get the needed spuds off the web, (running under dselect in 
hopes that this is the easiest way), but also have it so that it gets any 
duplicate files from the CD set.  

If this isn't so clear, here's a generic example:  given a dselect-ed request 
for 'foo.deb', what's wanted is to have that file looked up in whatever package 
database apt uses, and then compare the version number of 'foo.deb' on the CD-
ROM with that of the online potato 'foo.deb'.  If the slink CDs have this same 
version, it'd be better to get the particular package from the CDs, but if the 
online potato distrib has a newer version of 'foo.deb', then the object is to 
have apt fetch that online copy instead.  

One minor difficulty is that, so far as I can tell, dselect only allows one to 
add Debian distribution locations to its apt method.  I can use dselect to add 
'ftp://ftp.debian.org' to apt's list of places to look for .deb files, but 
later on if I want apt to quit looking there, there's apparently no menu option 
to make dselect forget a particular apt address.  Currently my apt list from 
dselect has gotten large and unwieldy, so it's no longer clear which location 
has priority.

So, if dselect doesn't allow one to fine tune an apt location list, the 
question is:  which config file for apt should be edited?  Another question 
might be whether this usage of apt is reasonable or even possible to begin 
with.  Any pointers to relevant docs, HOWTO's, hints, and so forth would help 
too and be much appreciated as well.

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