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proftpd ?

Hi.  I installed proftpd and used one of the 
default configuration scripts for anonymous
login access.  I can login to the ftp server
on the lan, but from the outside (work), the
only message I get is "Connected to (server ip)".
No prompts appear for username or password and
the session attempt is locked up, that is, if
the attempt was from a linux box, I need to 
specifically kill the process. Same with attempts
from w95 and nt. 

The syslog shows a connection is made, and then
the ftp session is immediately closed.  I've
been through all the documentation, but I'm 
obviously overlooking something.

The default Debian installation ftp server does
allow the logins so I'm almost sure it's the 
proftpd configuration and not something else.
proftpd behaves the same whether standalone or
inetd configured.

Any suggestions, or can someone supply a simple
anonymous config to compare mine to?

thanks, (and still looking over the docs)
tony mollica

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