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RE: .bash_profile never read in X

On 29-Jun-99 Carl Fink wrote:
> [This message has also been posted.]
> I have a system that was installed from a Debian 2.0 CD-ROM, with
> many packages upgraded to 2.1 or unstable via the web site.
> One thing that has bugged me ever since I switched to gdm:  my
> .bashrc and .bash_profile files are never read.  Now, I realize that
> I'm actually using xterm, but I always assumed xterm was some sort of
> graphical shell for bash, especially since xterms show up in top or
> ps as "bash".

bashrc should be read at all times.  bash_profile is only read if the xterm 
(or whatever) is called as a login shell, i.e. xterm -ls.

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