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Re: more fetchmail questions

Chris Flipse wrote:
  >I say until now because I hadn't noticed my setup's behavior where
  >bounced mail is concerned -- basically, fetchmail grabs the mail, shunts
  >it to my local sendmail deamon, and tries to deliver it.  
  >The problem is that when sendmail cannot deliver it, it sends out a
  >bounce message, and the fetchmail client terminates the fetch, since it
  >is unable to deliver the mail.  Which is fine, and desireable behavior.
  >What isn't desireable is that fetchmail leaves the offending piece of
  >mail on the server, to be bounced *again* the next time fetchmail is
  >So, basically ... how on earth do I get rid of a piece of mail from my
  >server when my local sendmail can't deliver it?
What I have done in a like case was to connect to the server with telnet
on the pop-3 port and delete the message by hand.  It goes something like

telnet mail-server pop-3     #  connect to the server
user uuuu              # give it your username
pass pppp              # give it your password
retr 1                 # assuming message 1 is the problem
                       # this should let you see the message
dele 1                 # delete it
quit                   # quit!

Check the RFC's for the correct syntax; once you are connected, you may
be able to say `help' - I can't remember.

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