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Re: Problems with new hardware

> I just built a system from motherboard up and am having a few problems and 
> looking for pointers.  I used the latest Debian version from Cheap Bytes, 
> "slink", I think.
> Anyhow, what happens is that Netscape crashes a lot, and Mozilla crashes 
> too.  Sometimes the crash is severe enough to kill the X server, and 
> sometimes the system hangs completely.
> Of every 10 crashes, 7 are just Netscape or Mozilla, 2 are the X server, and 
> 1 is a complete system hang.
> I am running the Debian kernal that was on the CDs.  When I try to make a 
> new kernal, I can't get X to start at all.
> I am looking for pointers as to log files that might indicate the problem.  
> It is possible that I have not set everything up exactly right for the 
> motherboard and CPU  chip.  I am using an IWILL XA100P motherboard with an 
> AMD K6-3 400 CPU, with 256MB RAM.
> Alll of these crashes must leave log entries somewhere, right?  Where do I 

When you replace something like motherboard in the system, you have to
recompile th ekernel for it. I've replaced board once, and did not make my
new kernel. FOr a week later I've had weird problems with the system.
You don't even need the X. Just go ahead and recompile kernel from the
shell, and boot it.
I'm not sure whether you need to reinstall the Netscape....just try with
new kernel first.
A place to look is /var/log logs.

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