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[THANKS} Re: RealPlayer G2 for Linux -- where to get?

I would like to thank everyone for their help here...  I've been trying to
find this file for a while (as I do not have a permanent internet
connection and would have to download the file before I ran the

The URL given by AG has been very helpful, and I've finally got the file.
I would recommend that instead of people sending emails to those of us who
cannot find these things which go along the idea of "just install the
installer, it'll tell you!" that they actually bother to just say thr URL.
This would have stopped this thread (possibly) a long time ago, instead of
wasting bandwidth.

For those who missed the URL the first time (mailing lists can be a little
slow sometimes filtering through to people...), it's listed below, along
with a little warning (hey, no-one bothered to mention to me before this
person that r-player g2 was alpha!).

Again, thanx for the information,
	Peter Ludwig

BTW - I can RTFM as some people have suggested... why do you think I asked
for extra information?

On Tue, 22 Jun 1999, Brad wrote:
> On 21 Jun 1999, Arcady Genkin wrote:
> > I've read a couple of posts in the list about the RPlayer G2 for
> > Linux. However, the Real's website doesn't list it among available
> > downloads (neither free, nor "Plus").
> > 
> > Is it really available from somewhere, or is this a mass confusion?
> Technically, it's only an alpha version, which is probably why it isn't
> announced on the public site anywhere i can find. As has been
> mentioned, when you try to install the realplayer package it will tell you
> to go to the following URL to download the proper file:
>   http://www.real.com/products/player/linux.html

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