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Re: How to determine local IP

R. Brock Lynn [brock@cyberdude.com] wrote:
> John Hasler wrote:
> > 
> > Ramesh Natarajan writes:
> > > Hi, Once dialed in, how to determine the local (dynamically assigned) IP
> > > id? I know pppd invokes ip-up with the local IP. But outside that, is
> > > there a env variable, API or a file that holds returns this info?
> > 
> > Put a script in /etc/ppp/ip-up.d to write the IP to a file.
> ifconfig does it for me.

I think John had it right.  Something like:


echo $4 > /tmp/ip.num

and then in ~/.<shell>rc

alias ip='cat /tmp/ip.num'

Then, anytime you want the ip# you can either pull it from the file or use ip
to get it.  Perhaps if I knew what you wanted to do with the number I could
come up with a better way of having it at hand?

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