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Re: qpopper error message

In article <cistron.Pine.LNX.3.96.990613003800.729A-100000@doma.mattyt.net>,
Matthew Thompson  <mattyt@oz.net> wrote:
>mail.mattyt.net(doma) is running slink with qpopper installed.
>jay@mattyt.net and tpad@mattyt.net can retrieve their mail just fine, but
>when they do, xconsole says:
>Jun 13 00:33:22 doma in.qpopper[710]: connect from jay.mattyt.net
>Jun 13 00:33:22 doma in.qpopper[710]: jay@jay.mattyt.net: -ERR Unknown
>command: "xsender".
>jay is a Umax J700 Mac clone and tpad is a thinkpad 560 running Win98.
>I'm not super concerned considering everything seems to work OK, but I'd
>like to eliminate any error messages. :)

This is not an error. It's just an informational message. User "jay" tried
to use the command XSENDER, which isn't part of any official standard.
His MUA probably tries to detect if XSENDER is supported by simply
trying it. Sometimes you'll see this with other non-standard commands as well.

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