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Re: Re: ppp conection problem

--- John Hasler <john@dhh.gt.org> wrote:
> Micha Feigin writes:
> > When i try to connect to one of my providers (university) i get a
> message
> > that ppp paniced because bit 7 all set to 0:
> Your chatscript is ending and letting pppd start sending LCP packets
> while
> the provider is still expecting more login stuff.  The provider is
> echoing
> the LCP packets while it waits for wahtever it needs.  It is still in
> text
> mode so it clips off bit 8.  Pppd sees this and generates the error
> message
> you see.
> Dial in with minicom and work through the login until you get the
> garbage
> that indicates that ppp has started at their end.  Then log out and
> refer
> to your notes while running pppconfig to set up the connection.
> -- 
> John Hasler
> john@dhh.gt.org (John Hasler)
> Dancing Horse Hill
> Elmwood, WI

Well i tried that, and the strange part is that it sometimes does works
but mostly doesn't (it usually works when i call at earlier hours if it
gives any hint)

Sorry if this is nagging

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