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	Thanks, I have done this at least 10 times in the last 2 days, I
don't think I am missing any prompts.  I am looking for more than the
obvius, is there somting that I could not recognize as related to PPP.

>Andy Bottman wrote:
>>         How do include PPP support in the kernel when I compile?  I have
>> been using 'make config' and 'make menu config' to configure the kernel and
>> even though I thought I have been choosing ppp support under networking I
>> am still without.
>>         This whole issue started after I was compiling to support my ISA
>> NE2000 ethernet card.
>hm, what would i do in such a case?
>certainly, i would run ´make menuconfig´, go to _every_ point and read
>the help page.
>sure, this costs time, but it´s worth ;-)


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