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I've tried installing, tweaking and otherwise USING many different dists,
including redhat and slackware aside from debian... never found one yet that
was easier or more convenient, but maybe that's just my opinion.

debian was the first dist i ever installed as well as my first linux
experience. in fact i had never even partitioned  a hard drive before until
i tried my hand at debian... read docs at the ftp site, downloaded the
appropriate things in the disks area and presto...i was successful and had
everything up and running quicker than i ever got windoze working.

anyone who thinks debian is too difficult to install... i don't know... i
can't see it. read the documentation.

add|t|on, slaythe@innocent.com

help, I got sucked into /dev/null

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> I agree George.. I went from Slackware (used it for 4 years) to using
> just 7 days ago.. Debian and apt-get rocks.
> >
> >Sorry to advertize another distro on the Debian list : ) but this might
> >not be a bad option if one is just trying out linux and doesn't want to
> >repartition, and personally... it was a pretty natural progression to go
> >from Slackware to Debian...
> >
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