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Re: Connecting to the Net

Brad wrote:

> On Wed, 9 Jun 1999, Kent West wrote:
> > /dev/modem is a "generic" term for where your modem actually is. You
> > can solve this in one of two ways: 1) make a symlink named /dev/modem
> > that points to your actual modem (not recommended, because the system
> > then can't place a lock on the modem to prevent two people/processes
> > from trying to use it at the same time)
> According to Documentation/devices.txt in the kernel source, an
> application is supposed to follow the symlink and lock the actual device
> (as well as the symlink). In this way, it doesn't cause the problem you
> predict. If you find a package that doesn't do this, file a bug report
> since it's quite a serious bug.
> For the actual quote, either load the mentioned file and search for
> "symlink" or email me privately and i'll send it to you.
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Thanks for the correction.  Now I can quite spreading bad info, at least on this
topic  :-)

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