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Re: A couple of questions.

On Mon, 7 Jun 1999, Monte Copeland wrote:

> I have a couple of unrelated questions to ask about X11. 
> 1. What is the name of the program that allows one to take a snapshot of 
> your desk top. I have used it before but I can not remember the name. I am trying to 
> convince a potential convert to switch from windoze, but I need some jpeg pics to 
> show her. 

How about the Gimp? There's a screenshot function in there. Otherwise,
there's probably a few others out there as well.

> 2. When using Netscape Communicator in WindowMaker, there is a key-binding that
> can be used to change to the next email message. It is ALT-<down-arrow> or 
> ALT-<uparrow>. But this seems to change the windows in WindowMaker. Is there 
> anyway to disable this key-binding in WindowMaker so that the one in Netscape 
> can work. 

Try wmakerconf

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