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Re: Why doesn't DIRCOLORS work?

I am still running an old version of debian, but I have to
use ls --color to get colors to work. The use of an alias
can keep you from having to type this every time.

lornew@direct.ca ("Lorne Williams") writes:

> I'm just trying to do something simple. I want to
> change the color of listed directories from bright blue to bright white.
> I'm running slink. I've created my own config file,  ~/.dircolorsrc, and
> changed one item - dir color -  from 01;34 to 01;37. This is the result:
> # eval dircolors .dircolorsrc
> LS_COLORS='no=00:fi=00:di=01;37: <etc...>
> export LS_COLORS
> # echo $LS_COLORS
> no=00:fi=00:di=01;34: <etc...>
> The net result - no change! Using 'eval' on the command line is optional,
> the output is the same either way. I think I am following the docs to the
> letter... what am I missing?
> TIA, Lorne.

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