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Re: SVGA server

*- On  2 Jun, Paul Nesbit wrote about "Re: SVGA server"
> Kent West wrote:
>> Personally, I would probably configure ppp before XF86; it's easier to do
>> (less prone to error), and it'll allow you to download more recent
>> packages than what may be on your CD. Just run (as root) pppconfig
> No such file (binary or otherwise) named pppconfig on my system (slink).  Is
> there a package I need to install for that?  I installed all recommended
> packages.

Install the pppconfig package.  It is in the base section of the
archive so I am suprised it is not installed.  To search for the
location of a file in the Debian packages go to 
http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages.html and enter you search item
in the "Search the Contents of the Latest Release" search box.

For an input of pppconfig you get the following back:

FILE                                                         PACKAGE
usr/doc/pppconfig/README.debian                         base/pppconfig
usr/doc/pppconfig/buildinfo.Debian                      base/pppconfig
usr/doc/pppconfig/changelog.gz                          base/pppconfig
usr/doc/pppconfig/copyright                             base/pppconfig
usr/man/man8/pppconfig.8.gz                             base/pppconfig
usr/sbin/pppconfig                                      base/pppconfig

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