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Offer for apt improvements at the Free Software Bazaar

Dear Debian lovers,

I've just made an offer on the Free Software Bazaar
(http://visar.csustan.edu/bazaar/bazaar.html) for improvements to
apt. So I invite all of you would like to have those improvements to
increase my offer.

The request is :

    apt-get should try the various FTP sites listed in
    /etc/apt/sources.list for fastest download, not only the first
    one. Several packages could be downloaded in parallel from
    different sites. If the current download rate for a given FTP
    sites falls below a customizable threshold, apt-get should try
    to download the package in parallel from another site.

    Add a command line option so that every package will be
    installed right after download and the .deb file will be
    removed before the next package is downloaded. This is useful
    if there isn't enough space in /var.

    It should be possible to install one package and download
    another one in parallel.

The ID of my request is 990528A.

Laurent Martelli

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