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Re: Laplink and DOS?

Thanks for everyone, who responded to my inquiry about Laplink and linux. 

I will try some of the options suggested and let you know, what happened. 
This might be a good solution for some others as well, who have got a
small dos-box and debian box, how to share files.

The message copied below is a good example of the same themes some others
suggested, too. 

On Wed, 2 Jun 1999, John Pearson wrote:

> On Mon, May 31, 1999 at 09:45:49PM +0300, virtanen wrote
> > 
> > I've got a Debian-box, a small laptop with DOS, and a Laplink cable. 
> > 
> > What is an easy method to connet the Debian-box and DOS-box with the
> > Laplink-cable so that I could easily at least copy files from the othe
> > machine to the other? 
> > 
> > (The Debian box hasn't got any DOS-partition, so that I need some kind of
> > Debian program there, but which kind of program?)
> > 
> Running Laplink on your Debian box under dosemu is the most obvious way to
> go (although, I haven't tried it); 

I've tried it once. For some reason, which I cannot remember now, it did
not work. But I'll try it again to see, what is the problem. I've managed
to get some other DOS-programs working under dosemu, however. But what is
the method to put some dos-programs on my linux hard-disk, which hasn't
get any dos-partitions? (I've used small dos-programs on a floppy.) 

> you may also be able to create a PPP or
> SL/IP link using a null modem cable, although you would have to find a DOS
> ppp or SL/IP program (there may be something suitable amongst the Crynwyr
> (?sp) packet drivers).  I'm not sure if the LapLink cable is a 'proper' null
> modem cable, but it may be...

I'll try this method as well, if I cannot get laplink program working
under dosemu.


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