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FW: This week: Lotta Linux downloads!

I am on CNET's download.com mailing list, and I thought that the following
link (see below) may be of some interest to some people on this list :


Attention, Linux fans: We've got a new, one-stop resource just for you.
For months, you've been asking for a separate Linux category at
Download.com, and we listened. Our brand-new Linux category is filled to
the brim with hundreds of free downloads, featuring everything from
WordPerfect and StarOffice to RealPlayer and Quake. Now you're just
clicks away from finding the newest and most popular Linux software at
CNET, as well as listings of our favorite titles and exclusive Linux
downloads. If you're serious about Linux and you want to stay on top of
the hottest new programs, keep an eye on our growing new category:


Ben Patterson
Associate editor, CNET Download.com

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