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Re: ICQ programs for Debian GNU/Linux

On 01-Jun-99 Christian Lavoie wrote:
>> For GnomeICU, I would have to switch to Gnome, from KDE, correct?
> As far as I recall, Debian allows for havin' both KDE and GNOME 
> installed at the same time. And anyway, you shouldn't need all of 
> gnome. Most probably the basic libs, and of course gnomeICU itself.
> You shouldn't *need* to switch. I think you *should* switch, but 
> that's flame war bait =)

I have it installed and I get this when I try to start it in KDE:

type = 0 exid = (null)

** CRITICAL **: file applet-widget.c: line 655
(gnome_panel_applet_corba_init): assertion `panel_client != ((void *)0)'

** CRITICAL **: file applet-widget.c: line 699 (applet_widget_new): assertion
`corbadat!=NULL' failed.

** ERROR **: Can't create applet!

It isn't a big deal, since I have Licq and it works.



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