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Re: pppd / pon problem

Christian Dysthe <cdysthe@bigfoot.com> wrote:
=> Hi,
=> I run potato. Just did an ppp update using dselect, and now I can not
=> use pon
=> from my user account, I have to su to root to dial or I get the
=> message:
=> /usr/sbin/pppd: Can't open options file /etc/ppp/peers/provider:
=> Permission
=> denied
=> I have trteid to change permissions for /etc/ppp/peers/provider, but
=> no go.
=> Can anyone help? 

Just had the same problem. The ownership of /etc/ppp had been set as
root.root - change to root.dip and make sure you are a member of that
group. Check that the permissions look like this: rwxr-x - in other
words, dip has read access to the directory and files therein.

Phillip Deackes
Debian Linux (Potato) 

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