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Re: Two glibc versions on one system ?

> Hello!
> I'm using slink and want to upgrade to libc6 2.1.
> But I still need libc6 2.0 to compile my programs which
> are based on the LEDA (www.mpi-sb.mpg.de/LEDA) library. 
> This library uses the __setfpucw function (fpu_control.h) 
> which isn`t (as far as I know) implemented in ver. 2.1.
> Can I run the normal system with glibc 2.1 and compile the programs to
> use glibc 2.0 ?
> How do I configure the linker ? What libs from 2.0 do I need ?
> I'm glad for every suggestion.

Complex at best.  Perhaps if you compiled a version and installed it in 
/usr/local and made sure that everything used the /usr version EXCEPT those
that need the other /local version.

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