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RE: getting out of fvwm

i get to see the textmode login after control alt backspace...and if i am fast enough i can log in there...but if i don't just another X wm to run...i find myself back at the login EVEN THOUGH it takes me away from a logged on session as ROOT...pulled me out of dselect to stare at that graphical logon...lol

From: 	Barry Kauler
Sent: 	Saturday, May 29, 1999 6:28 AM
To: 	debian-user@lists.debian.org
Subject: 	getting out of fvwm

I'm *still* installing my first Debian Linux!
I got X windows running, with default window
manager fvwm, but next time I logged in it
didn't stop at the commandline --- went straight
into graphics mode and gave me a login window
for fvwm.
In Red Hat, this is controlled by /etc/inittab, which
sets the initial runlevel to 3.  5 is required to launch
In Debian, inittab has default runlevel set to 2, so
why is it launching straight into fvwm?
Does anyone know what config file needs to be
changed so I can login to commandline only?

Also when I exit from fvwm, refuses to exit to
the commandline. I'm back at that darn login
window again. Even <ctrl-alt-backspace>
won't get me out.

Barry Kauler

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