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Re: ICQ programs for Debian GNU/Linux

On 01-Jun-99 Christian Lavoie wrote:
> GnomeICU is doing most what ICQ98 was doing on windows. Chat (no more 
> than 2 though, but that's the next update I think), File Transfert 
> (alpha state. Works but crashed the client afterwise. (GnomeICU 
> v0.64)) messages, UINs (beta state, has some troubles with v5 
> clients).
>>From past personnal experience, I'd say gnomeICU and licq are the two 
> most advanced ICQ clients for linux, and ICQ-Java the most 'stable' 
> and feature-full. (Mark that stable with a great grain of salt)

For GnomeICU, I would have to switch to Gnome, from KDE, correct?


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