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seemingly random lock-ups

My machine (Debian 2.1 slink, stock kernel (2.0.36)) has been locking up on
me unpredictably.

This occurs every several (3-4 on average) days and has been happening ever
since I installed Linux on this machine.  (There is no other OS on there.)

My hardware is an Intel 200 MMX CPU on an Asus PI-P55/T2P4 motherboard.  I
am using a generic NE-2000-compatible network card, and a dial-up Internet
connection with a USR Sportster 33.6 PnP (though jumpered for COM2).

Anyway: I have my PPPD logging to syslog every 30 seconds so I can tell
exactly when the freeze occurred even if I'm not there.  Looking in syslog
and messages, nothing unusual seems to happen... just that all of a sudden,
the logging and everything else stops suddenly.

I want to track this problem down, and I'm going to start swapping hardware
to see if I can figure out what's causing this.  I've already traded the
netword card out for a different NE2K card, but the problem remains.

Anyway, my question is: where else (besides syslog and messages) might I
look for unusual traces of what might have happened just prior to the
lock-up?  Are there any other files that might give something away?  Where
would a kernel dump be (if the kernel did dump... which I doubt, but just in

TIA for any information.

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