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Floppy drive problem.


I am a Debian newbie and have the following problem with my floppy drives.
There are two of them: a 1.44 MB floppy drive and an unused 1.2 MB floppy
drive.  In the BIOS setup I have configured the 1.44 MB drive as A: and
the other floppy drive as B:. But Linux seems to reverse this order: it
sees the 1.2 MB drive as the first floppy drive (/dev/fd0) and the 1.44 MB
one as the second floppy drive (/dev/fd1).

One consequence of this is that at the end of installing Debian (hamm), I
was unable to make a custom boot disk for my system, because when the
installation program asked me to insert a blank floppy, I put a 1.44 MB
floppy in the drive, and it said something like "Making boot floppy
failed. Check that the floppy isn't write-protected and is in the correct
drive". The same thing happened when I tried the mkboot command later on.

Is there a way of making Linux see my 1.44 MB drive as /dev/fd0 and the
other one as /dev/fd1? I apologize in case this is an old question,
already answered.

Many thanks,

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Allahabad 211 019, India.
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