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Re: Sound blaster 16 pnp

On Mon, 24 May 1999, Ali Onur UYAR wrote:

> What this means is that, as the 16-bit dma channel you have to pass another
> 8-bit dma channel that is instead of passing irq 5,6,7 etc. you have to pass
> 0,1,2,3
> At some point an error message is displayed, something similar to
> "Bad dma channel."
> Simply IGNORE THIS MSG. Everthing works fine once configuration is complete.
> The message is displayed because the sb module expectes one  8-bit an another
> 16-bit dma channel, but you have to pass teo 8-bit dma channels to the module.

Then Brad wrote:

Odd. All this time i've been passing dma16=5 to the sb module and
everything worked fine. pnpdump (and windows, for that matter) gave the
same number for 16-bit dma.
    insmod sb io=0x220 irq=9 dma=1 dma16=5 mpu_io=0x300 type=6
(the type=6 came from the soundcard manual, i'm not completely sure if
the sb module uses it at all... or where i even got the option 'type'

Well my answer is (  me being Ali Onur UYAR ). You have to pass to 8-bit dma
channels; that is
what I read in the kernel docs for kernel 2.2.9 for sound card VIBRA16, and that
is what has worked
for me. Passing a 16-bit dma, simply did not work. Maybe your card is not a
VIBRA16, I know that mine is beacuse it is what the bios detects at boot time.
The related text in the kernel doc is given below:

Sound Blaster 16X Vibra addendum
by Marius Ilioaea <mariusi@protv.ro>
   Stefan Laudat  <stefan@asit.ro>

Sat Mar 6 23:55:27 EET 1999

                        Hello again,

        Playing with a SB Vibra 16x soundcard we found it very difficult
to setup because the kernel reported a lot of DMA errors and wouldn't
simply play any sound.
        A good starting point is that the vibra16x chip full-duplex facility
is neither still exploited by the sb driver found in the linux kernel
(tried it with a 2.2.2-ac7), nor in the commercial OSS package (it reports
it as half-duplex soundcard). Oh, I almost forgot, the RedHat sndconfig
failed detecting it ;)
        So, the big problem still remains, because the sb module wants a
8-bit and a 16-bit dma, which we could not allocate for vibra... it supports
only two 8-bit dma channels, the second one will be passed to the module
as a 16 bit channel, the kernel will yield about that but everything will
be okay, trust us.

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