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dselect woes

Can it be!  CAN IT BE!!

Am I a complete idiot or is Deselect one of the most diabolical
programs ever?

It's so seductive.  I've used it quite a number of times.  Worked
beautifully.  Then I made a mistake.  And each step to try to undo the
mistake just digs the hole deeper.  I'll never get out!

Is it true that you can spend hours going through and selecting certain
packages for installation and then, innocently  select a package that
happens to conflict with some other important package which is a
required package for about a hundred or two other packages, and so, in
a flash, dselect goes through and deslects all your tediously chosen
packages without even giving you the option to say "oops I didn't
really mean that?"  Surely there's a way to back out of such an
innocent mistake without having to go back through that whole list and
reselect everything?  I've looked at the man file and at the --help
option and at whatever other documentation I could find, but don't see
anything to help with this.  I've just wasted hours, and what's worse, I
don't know how to avoid the same pitfall in the future.

Surely it cannot be!

Donald MacDougall
USC School of Medicine

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