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SO5, 5.01 & 5.1

I'm looking for pointers on this StarOffice Problem.
The system is a Debian 2.1, 2.0.36 system on an Asus
P2B-F PII 350Mhz, 128M ram.  The installation is the
home user setup from the Debian install.  

With SO5.0, 5.01 and 5.1, the mail and news functions
do not work reliably.  In fact, SO locks up after the
first attempt at fetching some mail or news and then
uses almost all the computer's resources in cpu time.
It appears several soffice.bin are running during this
time.  I've counted as many as 6 soffice.bin items
running at the time of the lockups.

All the news and mail parameters are apparently setup 
correctly and double checked and on a fresh boot and
first start of SO, mail can be fetched before the
lockup occurs.  Attempts to access subscribed newsgroup
messages doesn't occur at all.  On killing SO and then
restarting, an attempt to fetch mail does nothing except
that the icon in the bottom right of the  SO window
shows a download attempt and stops at 10%.  SO is then
locked and must be killed.  I was able to get a newsgroup
list one time.

The libs look OK.  The problem happens either connected
directly through the ISP or through another Linux IPMasq
box.  Netscape mail and news work fine and with no
problems.  All other SO5.xx function appears to be working
normally with no lockups.  The built-in browser works
without problems.

Any suggestions on how to track down the problem would
be appreciated.  I can provide more info if I know what
to look for.


tony mollica

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