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Re: latex and memory related

* Armin Wegner <wegner@ldv35.uni-trier.de> writes:

> On Fri, May 21, 1999 at 12:25:52PM +0000, Shao Zhang wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I drew a simple box in xfig and used it to generated a latex file.
>> The file looks like this:
[hacky lowlevel code deleted]

> Add 
> to the document's head.
> Put your graphic with

No! Forget these commands immediately! ;-)

Both your ways to include graphics are obsoleted long ago by the rise
of the graphic[s|x] package. 

> I've heared of a latex package which can load a lot of common picture
> formats. But I don't know its name. Sorry.

graphicx.sty: but note that, dependend on the dvi previewer/processor
you use, it will support the formats *this* backend understands, not
more. LaTeX (or rather TeX) doesn´t know about graphics, Knuth only
provided the hook for backends.

> There is a disavantage in doing so. Text in your graphic is displayed not 
> in the latex font and/or in another size.

Use psfrag.sty.

Norris Preyer shows the perfect, correct example and points to the
canonical epslatex document; I´m just writing this to make things
clear for newbies. (From where do they know all this evil stuff...?)


PS: I seldom use latex, at least less often than *LaTeX*. :-)

Colin Marquardt <colin.marquardt@gmx.de>

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