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Re: help /var is filling up!!!

> You really should find the real problem before you try changing
> logging.  Try something like the command 'find /var -xdev -size +5000k
> -print'.  This will print out the names of all files more than 5MB
> (there probably shouldn't be any).  Then look into the file and see if
right.... found another big file.. daemon 
and lots of

May 21 19:02:17 erm1 nmbd[8560]: refused connect from
May 21 19:02:22 erm1 nmbd[8569]: refused connect from
May 21 19:02:27 erm1 nmbd[8575]: refused connect from
May 21 19:02:32 erm1 nmbd[8584]: refused connect from

> there is some statement that is repeated excessively.  You probably
> have something mis-configured so that an error message is constantly
> being logged, possibly multiple times per second.  If you can't figure
> out the message, then come back and somebody will probably be able to
> help you.
i already looked at the mail-logs, and they seem reasonable.... no errors,
only correct infos...

ciao bboett
the total amount of intelligence on earth is constant.
human population is growing....

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