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Re: wvdial, pon ,poff

BOMiY.A.JgH.vADR3 writes:
> I need to be able to connect.  until recently, pon dialed, but left my
> connection open (I get the sound like if you leave the phone off the
> hook.)

Your modem is not responding to or not receiving DTR OFF.  Do you have the
'modem' option in /etc/ppp/options?  It should be there unless you removed

> pon no longer works even to the extent that it did, can't find a shared
> library...

Pon is just a simple script.  I'm sure it is pppd that is failing to find a
library.  What is the exact message?

> wvdial still dials but never connects...

Wvdial calls pppd.  I'm it is failing in wvdial too, but you don't get to
see the message.
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