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Re: Sendmail Relay.

you need an access database to create some exceptions allowing relaying:

create a file called /etc/mail/access with your favourite editor, put
something like the following in it:

example.com		RELAY
host.example.org	RELAY
anotherhost.example.net	RELAY
172.16			RELAY
192.168.1		RELAY

wildcards are implicit in this file -- all 'example.com' hosts will be
allowed to relay, as will all hosts in the 172.16 network

then run:

makemap hash /etc/mail/access < /etc/mail/access

and restart sendmail with:

/etc/init.d/sendmail reload

hopefully this should work for you... see how far it gets you.



On Wed, 19 May 1999, Anthony Landreneau wrote:

> From: Anthony Landreneau <landrena@idsno.com>
> To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
> Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 12:43:45 -0500
> Subject: Sendmail Relay.
> Greetings,
> 	I am having a problem with the lastest dist of sendmail that is coming
> with Debian.  With my old sendmail.cf I was able to use my DNS's as mail
> relay host for the several dozen domains that I host for.  With the new
> sendmail.cf all of my domains are getting "550 we do not relay" messages.
> Anyone had luck working with this?  I have checked the sendmail site and
> the HowTo docs, but I have to tell you it is not making a lot of sense to
> me.  Your help is appriciated.
> Anthony Landreneau
> DoD Network Security Administrator
> Infinity Data Systems
> New Orleans Louisiana
> (504)455-8973
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