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can't get xdm to load.

Okay I have installed slink for the second time. This time around after
I "dselected" and configured my debian files I immediately downloaded
and installed a 2.2.x kernel. Then I downloaded and installed Xfree86
version 3.3.3.  Only then did I configure the X window system with
XF86Setup. When I rebooted the system I was hoping that xdm would load.,
but during the bootup process the last two lines that are displayed are

Checking for valid XFree86 server configuration ........ file not found.

xdm failed to load.

What gives?  The first time I was able to get slink up and running  ,
the XFree86 original version  and xdm loaded just fine. But this time,
for some reason loading the newer version has messed up my xdm.  I can
get an X session up and running with no problems, but I really don't
want to type "startx" every time I log in. Any  possible solutions?

Monte Copeland
Knoxville, TN

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