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Re: compiler in PATH ?

> On 18-May-99 David Z. Maze wrote:
> > 
> > gcc isn't a C++ compiler, it's a C compiler.  You should have g++
> > somewhere in your $PATH (if you install the Debian g++ package, in
> > /usr/bin).  If you haven't yet, install the g++ package and its
> > dependencies.
> I realized later that gcc is not for C++ so I looked for any g++ compilers in
> my system and I found them:
> ii  libg++2.8.2     2.91.61-1      The GNU C++ extension library - runtime vers
> ii  libg++27   The GNU C++ libraries (ELF version).
> ii  libg++272    The GNU C++ libraries (libc6 version).
> ii  libg++272-dev    The GNU C++ libraries (libc6 version).

The libg++2.8.2 package contains an old gnu C++ library that is no longer
actively maintained.

The 27 and 272 packages provide support for older versions of g++.  You
don't want to use these for compiling programs unless the program
depends on the bugs in the 2.7.2 compiler.  For slink, you need to get
the following packages:

libstdc++2.9 (you probably have that already)

and the gcc packages.

Eric Meijer

 E.L. Meijer (tgakem@chem.tue.nl)
 Eindhoven Univ. of Technology
 Lab. for Catalysis and Inorg. Chem. (SKA)

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