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Re: icewm-gnome config files

On Sat, May 15, 1999 at 07:43:56PM -0400, Tommy Malloy wrote:
> Hi Tim
> Thanks for the help.  Perhaps I was not clear
> deblists@tifa.demon.nl wrote:
> > Well what you want to look at, is the menu of the gnome panel :-) That
> > will contain StarOffice.
> This is correct.  Staroffice does appear in the menu of the gnome panel.
> I added it using the gnome menuing utility.  However Staroffice does not
> appear anywhere when I use icewm-gnome. icewm-gnome is a version of
> icewm preconfigured to run gnome.  It is a separate deb and a separate
> manager from regular icewm.  This must mean that gnome runing in
> icewm-gnome must be reading a different config file from regular gnome.
> fvwm+gnome has staroffice, fvwm2+gnome has staroffice, windowmaker+gnome
> has staroffice icewm+gnome has staroffice etc.  
> icewm-gnome does not have staroffice.  icewm-gnome must be reading a
> differnet menu file. Running as root, I issued the following  command   
>  "find / -name ice* | most"   I found no icewm-gnome config files
> > I'm not sure where the ICEWm menu is stored, probably in the ~/.icewm
> > directory :-)
> There is no ~/.icewm or ~/icewm-gnome directory
> I can live without this. I am actually using windowmaker now.  It seems
> pretty cool  I looked briefly at enlightenment. It is quite hedious, but
> that another story.  I just don't like when I don't understand stuff
> that should be pretty simple.  Anyway thanks again for the help

icewm and icewm-gnome will put the Debian menu system in its menu under
"Programs", so you can use update-menus.


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