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kept back packages- how to proceed

I did 'apt-get update' and 'apt-get' upgrade and I got the kept back list
below.  What is the best course of action?  Would it be to do dist-upgrade or
wait for the potato CDROM (a few months away)?


lilypad:/etc/apt# apt-get upgrade
Reading Package Lists... Done
Building Dependency Tree... Done
The following packages have been kept back
  python-zlib imlib1 gtimer libpam0g menu fdflush python-examples libncurses4
  libpgsql2 fakeroot mkhybrid procps xproc aalib-bin whiptail libguile4
  cdrecord xscreensaver-gl xbase-clients xserver-mach64 libwine0.0.971116 lynx
  python-misc pftp xterm libgtk-perl gedit cdda2wav libdbi-perl plan
  xscreensaver sysutils strace librpm1 libpcre2 libmagick4g mc mh python-dev
  bash sane transfig rstartd fetchmail gdk-imlib1 g++ biff ivtools-bin
  ivtools-dev htdig python-net ascd xserver-s3 python-mpz python-base
  libreadlineg2-dev pstoedit ddd apt python-curses python-tk aalib1 freetype2
  cpp libtiff3g-dev aumix gcc netbase ivtools stat libreadlineg2 sudo eterm
  xdaliclock ircii libgtkmm rsync gcal anacron libtiff3g ctwm pdl mtr
  zlib1g-dev python-bsddb postgresql xsysinfo lesstifg wine xfig rpm elm-me+
  zlib1g ssh gimp xdm xlib6g xfs modutils xlib6 xmh psutils xserver-svga xless
  xsm wwwoffle libc6-dev xserver-vga16 liborbit0 xproxy libpgperl gobjc analog
  iglooftp timidity imagemagick imlib-progs ltrace libwww-perl ssh-askpass
  mkisofs libc6 perlmagick binutils xosview libpanel-applet0 ncurses-bin 
237 packages upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 127 not upgraded.
Need to get 69.5Mb of archives. After unpacking 18.2Mb will be used.

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