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Re: can't find ipchains deb

On 13-May-99 George Bonser wrote:
> There isn't one, it is in the same package with ipfwadm, you probably
> already have ipchains on your system.

Yes, I found out just a while ago that I do have it installed.  What a

Now I find out I cannot build a 2.2.x kernel deb package because I
am missing ldd, which is part of slink.  When I upgraded parts of my system to
potato, I lost ldd :(  I tried to build the kernel and got "cannot locate
/usr/sbin/ldd" or similar error. If I downgrade ld.so I will definitely break
my system. 

I am between a rock and a hardplace and I guess the only way to upgrade my
kernel after I figure out ipchains is a total reinstallation.  Ouch!!

I guess if I upgrade to potato and then upgrade the kernel, I might get away
with it.



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